Update: Perez Hilton Endorses Article; Incriminates Himself on Charges of Payola from Lady Gaga

Popular Twitter user “Gaga Cheat” (@MissStef0318) confronted Perez Hilton with this article that implicates him in the “Sabotage” of Christina Aguilera’s Bionic by Lady Gaga. His response?

Perez Endorses Allegations of His Sabotage

He favorited it.

As a man whose empire is worth an estimated 30-50 million, Perez’s endorsement of an article implicating his guilt in accepting payola from those associated with Lady Gaga is not to be understated.

“Payola” is defined as:

  1. the practice of bribing someone to use their influence or position to promote a particular product or interest.
    “if a record company spends enough money on payola, it can make any record a hit”

The whistle has been blown. Will we hear its call?

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