Perez Hilton Confesses to “Sabotage” of Christina Aguilera for Lady Gaga

When was the first time you heard the name, “Lady Gaga?”

If you’re in the key advertising demographic, chances are it was during this video on

At the time, Perez Hilton (originally self-titled “Hollywood’s Most-Hated,” but now could be named “Hollywood’s Most-Loved-for-Shilling”) posted the above video describing his first time at the MTV Video Music Awards (Sept. 2008) as a VIP. A giddy Perez thanks MTV’s staff and name-checks his new celeb friends (“Thank you Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge!”) before sharing his taste-making thoughts:

“Christina was great. Christina was definitely inspired by Lady Gaga. Uh-huh! [sings] Just dance, Christina!”

He continues:

“I love that fucking remix of Genie in a Bottle. That was like the hottest shit ever — did Lady Gaga produce that [laughs]?”

Strangely, however, only two of the hundreds of comments claimed to have heard of the artist Perez was attributing with such influence — an artist sitting at home watching while Aguilera was on stage performing.

As one commenter puts it:

“id [sic] never heard of lady gaga before people started comparing her and christina[.]”

I've Never Heard of Gaga Before Xtina Comparison
I’ve Never Heard of Gaga Before Christina Comparison

While this virtual unknown’s influence was dubious, Perez’s influence was never in doubt, and in the months to come, it was maliciously felt. With hundreds of thousands of views and hundreds of comments for this video alone, it was the first in a systematic onslaught of malicious and libelous marketing designed to damage the reputation and integrity of Christina Aguilera’s brand while replacing it with a manufactured credibility, reach, and integrity for a then-nascent Lady Gaga. Perez’s routine linking of Aguilera to fraudulence and failure was disseminated throughout the blogosphere and soon traversed all media.

Shortly after the VMAs, a Google ad appeared: “Christina goes GaGa – XTina dressed like Lady GaGa at VMAs. Get GaGa’s new CD here!” 


By November, just two months after Perez began his negative campaign, Gaga was asked by Us Weekly to comment on Aguilera’s alleged copying. She replied:

“Anyone with two eyes can see the resemblance” and “I’m really flattered to have inspired a superstar.” 

US Weekly Nov 2008 Gaga Says Aguilera Similarities
US Weekly (2008) Gaga Claims Aguilera Resemblance

Then, in one of Gaga’s first televised interviews, she took the opportunity to further the controversial claim of how “obvious” Aguilera’s resemblance to her was:

On May 16th, 2010, Perez gleefully tweeted Gaga directly about Aguilera, falsely claiming: “Christina Aguilera sex tape found!”

Perez Makes False Claim: Aguilera Sex Tape Found
Perez Tweets Gaga: False Claim Against Aguilera

Then, in June, Perez hosted a video chat at his home with none other than Lady Gaga’s A&R Martin Kierszenbaum and KISSFM’s Assistant Program Director and Music Director, Julie Pilat. Perez characterized Aguilera as an artist whose best days were behind her, while Gaga’s Kierszenbaum looked on poker-faced. Curiously, KISSFM is the station that allegedly did not play Aguilera’s new record upon release.

Fast-forward to Aug. 2013, Perez and Gaga are no longer BFFs (rumoured to have fallen out over an interview where he refused to stop filming and also intervened on her alleged drug abuse), and are now fighting on Twitter. Gaga angrily accused him of stalking her in tweets that have since been deleted:



Perez denied her claims and threatened to reveal Gaga’s alleged personal and professional unethical practices.

It was then that he tweeted Aguilera:

“I hope we can talk one day. #Love”

Perez Hilton Tweets Xtina Apologetically for Admitted
Perez Hilton Tweets Xtina Apologetically for “Sabotage”

One of her fans requested he “SPEAK ABOUT BIONIC,” the album Aguilera was promoting at the time of Gaga’s emergence and Perez’s accompanying smear campaign.

This was his response:

“I would like to speak with her privately first. I am so sad over all that.”

Perez Hilton Confesses to Christina Aguilera
Perez Hilton Confesses to Christina Aguilera “Sabotage”

What “all of that” could Perez be “so sad” over?

He then tweeted this admission to Aguilera and other artists of “#Sabotage” and “#TruthTea:”

Perez admits to Gaga’s “sabotage” of Aguilera et al.

For fans of Aguilera, this is the long-suffering confirmation of Perez’s systematic re-branding of a multiple Grammy-winning veteran as an expired artist as well as a clone of a nascent one. In an act of what can be seen as further confirmation of guilt and atonement, Perez is encouraging the purchase of Aguilera’s Bionic, the album he once systematically derided a failure before it was released, re-branding her as “Floptina,” “XpiredTina Aguielra,” “Clonetina” and “Failtina,” while defining Lady Gaga as the genuine and appealing version of her.


Following that, Perez has now tweeted his “regrets” for defaming Aguilera, and claims he will be purchasing “Bionic” as part of the JusticeforBionic movement organized by Aguilera fans.


Perez “Regrets” Aguilera Defamation

UPDATE Aug 28, 2013: Christina Aguilera just wrote a letter to her fans that appears to acknowledge the JusticeforBionic campaign:

Thank you for […]
Seeing beneath the surface.
Searching for the truth.
Digging deep.

I’ve heard you guys go to bat for me, speak volumes and continue to defend and encourage what I do as an individual.

Read the full letter here. 

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Lady Gaga Caught Lying on Video! Now “Sorry” for Aguilera Sabotage That “They” Did

Like with most entertainment  news, the story of Perez Hilton’s “sabotage” of Christina’s Aguilera’s Bionic hit the blogosphere first.

But then it was addressed–with a wink and a nod–by Aguilera herself.

And now?

Lady Gaga was asked by Andy Cohen of Bravo’s Watch What Happens to comment directly on the Aguilera comparisons that ignited her career:

She now admits:

“from the very beginning of when my career started there was all this controversy about the two of us and I always felt that it was very unfair to her.”

Gaga claims to have been an innocent bystander during this “very unfair” treatment of Aguilera–except, of course, she was its beneficiary and publicly fuelled it at the time:

“Christina Aguilera…there’s an obvious resemblance between the looks. Whether or not she was inspired by my work, doesn’t matter to me. It’s like, if she was, that’s great.”

She didn’t seem to think it was “very unfair” then; in fact, she oh-so-slyly publicly agreed with and furthered it.

Compare that to how she describes it now when Cohen pressed on by asking: “The controversy was that people said she released an album that was kind of chasing your sound. Is that what it was?” 

“I don’t…I don’t…All I know is that people were talking about Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga in the same sentence [pauses] and I was nobody, so…. I just think it’s very unfair of anyone to pit another woman against another woman […] uh… you know from me to her I’m so sorry for anything that anyone ever said to her because of my existence and I hope she never felt any way about it because when I was 15 I was singing I Turn To You at the top of my lungs trying to hit all her notes. So she was an inspiration to me to have a wider vocal range and I just think it’s all just total nonsense the way they do that.”

In Gaga’s revision of events, she is “so sorry” for the “very unfair” pitting of her and Aguilera. She thinks “it’s all just total nonsense” the way “they” do that.

Here’s another look at what Gaga herself actually said and did at the time:

Support the #JusticeforBionic campaign and purchase Bionic on 11.11.13.

Update: Perez Hilton Endorses Article; Incriminates Himself on Charges of Payola from Lady Gaga

Popular Twitter user “Gaga Cheat” (@MissStef0318) confronted Perez Hilton with this article that implicates him in the “Sabotage” of Christina Aguilera’s Bionic by Lady Gaga. His response?

Perez Endorses Allegations of His Sabotage

He favorited it.

As a man whose empire is worth an estimated 30-50 million, Perez’s endorsement of an article implicating his guilt in accepting payola from those associated with Lady Gaga is not to be understated.

“Payola” is defined as:

  1. the practice of bribing someone to use their influence or position to promote a particular product or interest.
    “if a record company spends enough money on payola, it can make any record a hit”

The whistle has been blown. Will we hear its call?

Support the JusticeforBionic campaign via Twitter here and here. You can purchase Christina Aguilera’s Bionic here.